Web Video Production

HD Web Commercial – Website Video

At Bever Digital Design we know you need to captivate your audience with a video of your business on your website.

The average viewer to your website is less than one minute. What do Potential Clients see during that one minute?

Do you want them to read, look at pictures, or find your contact information?

Let Bever Digital Design create a HD Web Commercial for your business to entertain your new clients!

What is a Web Commercials?

A Web Commercial is a professionally produced commercial about your business. We focus on your business. We do a walk through that concentrates on “action” shots of your business, voice over, client testimonials, music and more. A sure way to stand out from your competitors, and we use high definition equipment.

How Bever Digital Design creates your Web Video

We set a day to come shoot the commercial, normally it takes 1-2 hours, then we professionally edit and you approve the commercial. Once the commercial is approved we can help you setup your commercial.

Video Production Services:

Web Video Production:

Fusion Health Studio

Type: 30-Second Profile

30 Second Testimonial

Best Quality Roofing – Fifth Element Construction

Type: 30-Second Testimonial

60 Second Ad

Solara Resort

Type: 60-second ad

Rice 'N Spice

Type: 60 Second Ad

60 Second Testimonial

Scottsdale Weight Loss Center

Type: 60-Second Testimonial

90 Second Profile

Allison Marine

90 second Ad

Boston Pizza

Type: 90-second ad

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