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Businesses, Retail, Non-Profit, Professional Services—Accept Credit + Debit Card Payments for: Food/Beverage; Leisure; Entertainment; Retail stores; Health; Beauty Salon; Hospitality; Non-Profit Organizations; Grocery; Transportation; Online Service/Products Sales.

Professional Services: Doctors. Lawyers. Architects. IT. Escrow. Plumbers. Home Repair. Interior Design.

Cut clutters, get organized, bill recurring invoices with CPAY payment solutions + client convenience.

Marketing Partnership via card payment solution as additional resource. Ask Sandra for details.

Best Sellers Terminals & Point of Sale, Mobile & Wireless (FREE program or Purchase).

RiO PRO; RiO POS; RiO Restaurant; Verifone VX 520;  CPAY Mobile VX680; PayHub mobile

Central Payment sells and supports card payment terminals--POS systems and provide customer services and technical support, programs in 50 states.


VX 520:  Proven Credit card Terminal for all Professionals’ card payment solution.  Seeking out for a service professional is hard already. Keep it simple and leave payment process specialist, like Verifone VX 520.  Accept EMV, NFC, debit/credit payments.

PayHub:  Pro Features for Pro Merchants.  Clear the clutter and keep it in the cloud with PayHub. With a bevy of features like recurring invoicing, virtual terminal, and paperless receipts, it’s like having your own personal assistant, secretary, book-keeper, and cashier in one place.

SpotOn: Professional/Digital Reward Program. Internet Marketing. Build up sales!

SpotOn’s your suite of tools to bring your business marketing into overdrive. Connect with

customers, and keep track of business reviews, compliments.  Build business relations, clients, sales.


CPAY Mobile: VX680    “Sign on the dotted line.” Accept e-signatures and send receipts for your services with the CPAY Mobile swiper. Whether you’re constructing a business plan or your construction business is to plan, add the mobile swiper to your tool belt and accept payments from your desk to the deck.

Pros that work on the road, like plumbers and home repair technicians, need to be able to accept payments wherever they are. If you need a rugged, portable solution, VX 680 is for you.


PayHub Mobile:  PayHub’s mobile option is a virtual terminal in your pocket. And accompanied with its end-to-end encrypted swiper, it’s an easy and complete mobile solution.

Central Payment is a Registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N. A., Walnut Creek, CA, and First National Bank of Omaha, Omaha, NE.



Contact Sandra Today:  815.723.3051

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